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Keep learning, keep exercising.

Dynamic Cycling: Every Monday 19:00-19:45 pm

Taichi: Every Tuesday and Friday 6:30-7:40 am

Basket ball, badminton: every Wednesday 19:00-21:00 pm

Yoga, training and English Course every week after work

Gym, entertainment and relax facilities

Fresh and free lunch and dinner

Hantech Medical fully supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs ) to continuously improve the social responsibility management system, integrate SDGs into our company's daily operation and management, and improve our company's sustainable practice level.

Hantech Medical focuses on the R&D and manufacturing services of medical consumables (CDMO) and the R&D track of core component products, and is committed to providing the world with safe, effective and reliable medical device products and components, we live and work together with our partners,

share the development benefits with investors, and contribute to the health of society. In 2022, Hantech Medical builds partnerships with stakeholders to work together to achieve the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Building on our strengths: insisting on innovation and development

SDG8: On the basis of adhering to the concept of stable operation, we maintain stable growth, realize efficient and sustainable development, and create benefits for society.

SDG9: We cooperate with universities, research institutes, and tertiary hospitals to innovate and explore products and materials, such as the design of temperature-sensing PICC catheters in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

SDG9: We establish an innovation committee to encourage innovation, polish products, and strive to be upstream.

Watching over the craftsmanship: adhering to the bottom line of safety and quality

SDG3:We hold the bottom line of product safety and manage the entire life cycle of our products from research and development to production and marketing.

SDG12:We also hold the bottom line of product quality, pursue excellence in quality, and provide products and services to our customers in a responsible manner.

Giving back to communities: being responsible and valuing education

SDG3: Hantech Medical is the first batch of key support enterprises for epidemic prevention materials in the country and a reserve unit for national defense general equipment materials and technical mobilization company. When COVID-19 broke out, Hantech Medical responded quickly and took every effort to produce epidemic prevention products and donated to healthcare workers and communities domestic and abroad.

SDG4: Every year, we donate funds to twelve poverty-stricken counties and districts in Gansu, Qinghai, and six cities in three provinces of Sichuan, and set up an internship base to provide social practice opportunities for students from Cixi Cangtian Experimental School and Qingdao University of Science and Technology.

SDG11: We donated to disaster relief areas such as the Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake, Yuyao floods and other natural disasters, and jointly contributed to the sustainable development of cities and communities.

Working together for a win-win situation: people-oriented towards the future

SDG4: We provide a variety of sports and fitness activities for all employees, such as spinning bikes every Monday, Tai Chi activities every Tuesday and Friday, general R&D sharing activities every Wednesday, English salon activities on Thursdays,  also provide fresh and free lunch and dinner, we respect employees and promote the overall development of employees.

SDG4: During holidays, we organize holiday activities for employees and their families, such as making lanterns at Lantern Festival, making dumplings on New Year's Day, etc., to give employees warmth and blessings on holidays.

SDG6: We ensure that all employees have access to clean drinking water, and also have a reading room, a mother & baby room, and a gym to create a comfortable and warm working environment.

SDG10: We provide equal employment opportunities for women and help female employees develop their careers. The ratio of men and women to middle and senior leaders is close to 1:1.

Environmental responsibility: accelerate green and low-carbon development

SDG7: We use renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions, and to make the energy structure cleaner. Among them, wind power accounts for 6.74% of energy consumption , solar energy accounts for 0.5% , and water energy accounts for 0.49% , contributing to the clean development of society.

SDG12: Hantech Medical regards environmental friendliness as an important factor in business decision-making, and adheres to low-carbon green environmental protection in production and operation.